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KAWS manager Murakami Takashi doll figure

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Because the style of Takashi Murakami’s works is bold, colorful, and sometimes obscene, not everyone can accept it. For example, in 2010, Takashi Murakami held his own solo exhibition at the Palace of Versailles in France, which was opposed by some people. “Takashi Murakami and the company have no right to hold an exhibition in Versailles.” On the webpage called “I Love Versailles” (Versailles Mon Amour), many people left messages opposing Takashi Murakami’s exhibition at the Palace of Versailles, which has collected more than 3,500 signatures so far support. The website said: “The Palace of Versailles is not a place for you to put on a show, it is one of the symbols of our history and culture.” [4] Another cultural organization “Versailles Defense Coordination” (Versailles Defense Coordination) also has similar signature activities. More than 4,000 people supported it, and the head of the organization even believed that Takashi Murakami’s exhibition was “illegal”. The descendants of the former French royal family applied to the court for an injunction on the grounds that the exhibition insulted their family history, but it was not accepted. [5]

Ayago, director of the Palace of Versailles and former Minister of Culture, rehabilitated Takashi Murakami, saying that the protesters were far-right fundamentalists and ultra-conservatives. He pointed out that the works exhibited in this exhibition have been carefully selected to ensure that people of all ages can enjoy them, including the statue “Oval Buddha” and the colorful sculpture “Flower Matango”. He wants to give visitors to historic buildings the chance to encounter art they may not know about.

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